Saturday, December 17, 2005

Memory from my last Pediatric clinical

Generally when I work with the eldery population, patients think I am somewhere between the ages of 12 and 14, and think I am too young to be working (even though I am 21 and married). I set a new record for myself though at my very last pediatric clinical a few weeks ago. One of my patients was two years old, and her father had brought in some toys for her. When I entered the room she immediately began to show me her new toys. I played with the toys with her for a few minutes before beginning the assessment. As I was listening to her heart, she reached one of her new toys out to me and said "Here, you can have this little girl." Her mother replied laughing, "oh, she's not a little girl, she's a grown up."

Thursday, December 15, 2005

End of Semester

what a wonderful day. I finished my final final at 1030 am today!!! I am now awaiting my final grades.....I will know tomorrow about my two nursing classes, but I will not know my final micro grade until I receive the report card. It ws so wonderful today to not have to sit all day long reading and studying. I actually cleaned the apartment (my absolutely fabulous husband even helped (: ) , and I practiced for a little over two hours! I haven't done that in ages!!! Well, because I didn't have time to do anything for the past 16 weeks except study.
Having company at the apartment is fun, I actually enjoyed entertaining, also again probably because I actually could without constantly thinking that I should be studying or reading or doing something school related.

my current agenda for practicing is....
Saint Saens- Introduction et Rondo Capriccioso (for a second time...but it is fun)
Mozart- Concerto in G major (for the 4th time-because in the simplicity it can be difficult)
and Bach- Partita in E major-Prelude (for the 3rd time-good piece with lots of string crossings (: )
(of course there are the scales, etudes, arrpeggios, etc, but didn't feel like they would be interesting to list)
I'm working on pieces that I have played in the past currently so I can brush up on playing, and since I already know how it should feel when playing these piecse, hopefully it will help me to get back into violin shape quicker, rather than starting off with totally new pieces.

I am looking forward to playing in Beauty and the Beast, though it's such a bother to not be able to see the stage from the pit, especially during loooong dialogue sections....especially by the time you are sitting at having performed the musical for the seventh time and are getting tired of sitting and being quiet and staring at the bottom of the music stands swallowed in a sea of stand light cords.

I am amazed at how young high school kids seem, they just get younger and younger every year...the flirtatiousness among the boys and girls is disturbing. If only they knew how insignificant the vast majority of relationships are at 14-15 years old....

well...I felt like writing more, however I just became tired....goodnight

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Nothing much yet...

So, I am mearly writing an entry just because I can. This is not an interesting entry, it is just blog. :P I am tired...In 4 days I will finally be finished with the most difficult and busy semester in the nursing program, Lord willing I pass, not that I should really be concerned about that anyway...because I'm not really close to failing anyway. The first rehearsal for the Beauty and the Beast was tonight....I forgot how long rehearsals can be with chairs that have inadequate padding, maybe I will take a pillow with me tomorrow. I have really been enjoying playing the violin recently though, it's like I've had a new begininng after 11 years of playing. I have renewed joy. After school is out, I would really just love to sleep for a week, but I will be working, hopefully at the new job that was offered to me last week. This is not an English paper, so no I will most probably not be editing my thoughts and rearranging the subjects into proper paragraphs. This is more like a brainstorm where my thoughts can be released in a clutter.

Friday, December 09, 2005

Starting a blog

Well...this could be seems I was here once before.....yes, three years ago, writing in a blog of sorts. Will this mearly be a reflection of blogs past or a new beginning?