Friday, March 24, 2006

Counting Down

5 weeks left of school before graduation. 5 days left of clinicals.
So much to do!
I have a job interview on April 10th with the Clinical Nurse Manager of a NICU in North Carolina! The hospital modeled their NICU after the Dayton children's NICU, so the woman was really excited on the phone when I spoke with her.
Michael has two job fairs to go to that same weekend while we are in NC also!
I will be so excited if I can get a job in a NICU as a new grad! The NICU is really all I want to do, it is my passion! I believe the NICU in NC has a sort of fellowship program, which for the first year there is the nursing orientation along with additional classroom time, and they also arrange for mentors and extra support during the first year.
I'm so excited!