Monday, February 20, 2006

Long Time

It has been so long since the last post. School is going pretty well. Almost half way through the semester. I will be sad to leave the NICU on Tuesday. I love working with the babies. I'm not overly lookign forward to working with big people again, I don't knwo if I will remember how. :P
My class nominated me to play at the Nursing Pinning Ceremony at the end of the semester, so I will be practicing and getting ready for that. It made me feel really good that they wanted me to play again for them (I played at the nursing dedication ceremony 1 1/2 years ago). After I graduate from nursing school, I hope that I can start taking lessons again, hopefully join an orchestra, play in a quartet, and just get the chance for that side of me (music) to grow again. It will be so nice to not have homework all of the time, and work, and school, and everythign else.