Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Job update!

I will be working in Mother/ Baby and orienting in the Special Care Nursery!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really want to work in the SCN, and the manager wants to hire me, but she doesn't have any positions right now...so that's why I get to orient!!! And M/B will be a good experience with healthy babies. I'm so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006


once again, I have not written in forever. I just thought I would give a brief update. I am now a Registered Nurse, and my husband and I will be staying put for atleast another year, we will hopefully start working on our master's degree's in the fall, yes, I know, a run on sentence :P I've been working on getting my CE credits done for next year, I currently have 6.2(of 24)! Whohoo! I have also been practicing. I really hope to get some gigs for the rest of the summer, and maybe play in an orchestra, I hope, I hope! So if you need a violinist for anything, let me know, I also have instrumental friends...so I can arrange for a string quartet, or other combination of instruments....